To Make your First Appointment:

If you have a family physician/primary care provider,

please call or meet with them to discuss your care options. If you wish to be referred to our

clinic, please request that they make early PIPC referral to reserve your spot at our clinic.  

You may be cared for your primary care provider for up to 24 weeks of your pregnancy. 


If you do not have a family physician/primary care provider, or if you have not seen them yet during your pregnancy, you may call our clinic directly to book an appointment.  If you are unsure of your last normal menstrual period date you will require a dating ultrasound. You may need to seek an appointment with the nearest walk in clinic to discuss booking a dating ultrasound. To find a family physician or nurse practitioner, register with Health Care Connect.

How to Refer - For Health Care Providers

Please call or fax your patient's information as early as possible to hold a spot.   We will need the following information to hold a spot:

  • full name, health card number or third party insurance information 

  • last known menstrual period

  • estimated due date (please indicate any uncertainty and arrange an early dating ultrasound ideally
    between  7 and 13 weeks if possible)

  • any previous cesarean section

  • any significant medical conditions  (diabetes on insulin, heart disease, morbid obesity pre pregnancy BMI>50, advanced maternal age)


We will also need to know how long you plan to continue care.  Our list is very fluid and admit people at all gestations, however we prefer to see patients by 24 weeks or sooner.  Please send completed antenatal records, prenatal labs, ultrasounds, most recent pap smear, and date of last pertussis vaccination if available.  We may send a request for this information a week prior to your patient's first visit with us.  

What to Expect at your First Visit

At your first visit, you will be asked to give a urine sample.  We will also take a detailed personal history and fill out the Ontario Antenatal Record, a standard of care.  This is a comprehensive assessment and may take a full hour.  Partners, family members or supports are welcome to accompany you at your first visit but will be asked to wait in the waiting room for the first half of your appointment.  At every appointment, we check your weight and blood pressure.  Laboratory and/or ultrasound investigations may be initiated.

After your First Appointment:

Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your booked appointment time in order to help us stay on time. You will always need to provide a urine sample on arrival.  Appointments with a doctor are booked every 4 weeks until 26 weeks

of pregnancy, then every 2 weeks until 35 weeks, then weekly until delivery. You may make appointments with social work, dietician or lactation consultant at any time.


Please make your next appointment before leaving PIPC.


Fee for Missed Appointments $25.00

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