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If you are due for a pap but do not have a family doctor, or if your family doctor is out of town, call us to book your pap smear.

What is a pap smear?

Pap smears are procedures used to test for cervical cancer.  It is recommended to get your first pap smear at 25 years of age or earlier if you have a history of abnormal paps or are immunocompromised.

How often do you need a pap?

Paps should be done every three years if your last pap is normal.  If your pap was not normal, it should be repeated sooner. 

When do I stop getting pap smears?

Regular screening can be stopped at 70 years if you have had at least 3 normal paps in the last year.

Can I do HPV testing?

HPV testing is done with a pap smear and can test for high-risk HPV strains at the cervix.  At this time, it is not OHIP funded, but available as a user-pay option for around $90 to $100.

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