Dr. Debra Boyce

Family Doctor

I have practiced Family Medicine and Obstetrics since 1990. I live with my husband and 2 teens here in Peterborough.


I hold an honours degree in Human Biology and Biomedical

Science (Guelph), Medical Doctorate (Toronto), and a

fellowship in Family Medicine (Ottawa). My additional interests

include safer medical care and health care systems. While I did a

full family practice for over 15 years, I now focus on the care of women

and newborns.


PIPC has been a dream for me for many years and I was very happy to have

the opportunity to plan this clinic when the Family Health Teams were created

in Ontario. We have a terrific team and all share a strong passion for this area

of medicine and the wellbeing of mothers and babies. 

170 Simcoe Street, Suite #302

Peterborough, Ontario.  K9H 2H7

T: 705-741-1191  

F: 705-741-1192

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