Dr. Joan Himann

Lead Physician / Family Doctor

I am the Lead Physician for PIPC. This title comes with the responsibility for ensuring the smooth running of the clinic, establishing practice guidelines, giving final approval for the content developed by the staff at PIPC, and assisting the staff

at PIPC in meeting the goals of the 2013 strategic plan. I am

also a hands on physician for one day a week at the clinic

and carry a full Family Practice office on the second floor of

the Turnbull Building. I was involved in the planning of this clinic

as a Family Health Team and seeing the exceptional care we are able to

offer our clients makes all the hard work worthwhile!

170 Simcoe Street, Suite #302

Peterborough, Ontario.  K9H 2H7

T: 705-741-1191  

F: 705-741-1192

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