Kim Condon

RN Part Time at PIPC, PRHC L&D Senior RN

After graduating from the Registered Nursing Program at Loyalist College in 1984, I began my career working full time at Campbellford Memorial Hospital, in the area I quickly knew was my passion. The small, one nurse Labour and Delivery 

and Maternity unit was a great place to quickly learn basic

labour support, delivery, mom and baby postpartum care and

breast feeding support.

After five years , moving on to a higher risk Labour and Delivery unit at

Peterborough Civic Hospital  as well as raising four children of my own, has

expanded my education, experience and ability to care for and assist new

families.  Switching to job sharing after fifteen years enabled me to also teach

prenatal classes.

I  began working part time  at Partners in Pregnancy three months after its

opening in 2008 and continue to work both as one of the charge nurses in Labour

and Delivery as well as in this unique and amazing clinic . I thoroughly enjoy

meeting new families and sharing my experience and knowledge throughout their pregnancy.  It is also an added bonus if I am fortunate enough to be part of their birth experience at PRHC.  As grandchildren are beginning to add to my family, I am able to

offer another wonderful and valuable prospective for family-centred care .

170 Simcoe Street, Suite #302

Peterborough, Ontario.  K9H 2H7

T: 705-741-1191  

F: 705-741-1192

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