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Jen Gullekson she/her/hers

Jenn Gullekson.JPG

Clinical Medical Secretary

I have been a part-time secretary at Partners in Pregnancy Clinic since January 2009. Before then I had a broad range of duties in an addictions treatment clinic. At PIPC I will be taking and directing your telephone calls. At the front desk or over the 

phone I can answer general questions about the clinic and 

book your appointments with one of the doctors or the 

members of the allied support staff. 


My other duties include scanning, faxing, copying and booking other 

appointments on behalf of the patients such as ultrasounds. I am enjoying 

the change in scenery at PIPC. I like that all the staff is there to help every 

patient and their family have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Janet Condon she/her


Clinical Medical Secretary

I am ....

Megan Hipkin she/her


Clinical Coordinator, Registered Dietitian MHSc, RD

Hi, my name is Megan and I am a Registered Dietitian at PIPC. I am from Peterborough and have grown up loving this community. I have an honours bachelor's degree in Applied Human Nutrition from the University of Guelph and in December of 2022, I completed a Master of Health Science from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University). During this degree I interned at family health teams, non-profit organizations, and Peterborough Regional Health Center where I gained experience in diabetes, kidney disease, stroke, eating disorders, recipe development and more. 


I have always been interested in women's health and am so excited to learn more as I work with the PIPC team and patients. 


I am looking forward to building meaningful connections with my patients. I want my patients to feel supported by me as we navigate nutrition through their pregnancy together. 


I understand that nutrition and food can be sensitive and personal. I am committed to providing care without judgment or shame, from a weight-neutral approach, as health includes many factors that are out of one’s control. 


My favourite food is bagels with cream cheese. If you are in the clinic, come say hi and we can debate New York vs. Montreal style bagels!

Belen Ong she/her


Physician Assistant, BSc, CCPA

I graduated from University of Toronto's Inaugural Physician Assistant Program in 2012 and began my career in family medicine and longterm care in Lakefield. I have always been drawn to obstetrics and gynaecology. Working as a primary care provider allowed me to establish a good foundation in women's health and reinforce my interests in the specialty.  I joined PIPC in 2014. I am proud to be part of this highly diverse, knowledgable and dedicated team. 


As a Physician Assistant, I work closely with the physicians and allied health team in the management and care of the women in all stages of the pregnancy including postpartum care and newborn baby checks.   I hope to help continue to make the experience as pleasant and memorable as possible for the families at PIPC.

Tsering Sundup she/her

Tseriy Suduy 6001 - modified.JPG

Registered Nurse, RN, BScN, IBCLC, PNC(C)

 I graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2002 and began my nursing career in Women's Health at the Ottawa Hospital. There, I gained knowledge and experience caring for high-risk antepartum, postpartum and gynecological patients. Over the last year (2013-14) I have done extensive studying and extra clinical practice to enable me to qualify as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, (IBCLC). I am excited to be able to use this additional knowledge with the families at PIPC!

Anne Matamoros she/her


Registered Nurse, RN, BScN

I grew up in a small town in Northern Ontario, and came to Peterborough in 2003 to study Nursing at Trent, and never left! 


I discovered I am very passionate about everything babies, between having and breastfeeding my own 4 kids for a cumulative 7 years, and working as a Labour and Delivery nurse from 2007-2023. I started taking courses to prepare for the IBCLC exam over the past few years, and so the transition to PIPC was very natural for me. 

Outside of work, you can find me poolside as all 4 of my kids are on the swim team! I have also been challenging my own fitness and started swimming again myself.  This clinic is amazing, and I am so proud to work here and care for families when they are going through some of the most exciting or most challenging times of their lives! Can't wait to meet you! 

Clarissa Adams-Lanzo she/her/hers

Clarissa Lanzo 6013 - modified.JPG

Registered Nurse, RN, BScN, IBCLC

I graduated from Ryerson University in 2001.  I worked in high risk antenatal and postpartum as well as the high risk maternal clinic at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto for over 15 years.  My family decided to move further from the city to raise our children in the country, which was made possible by finding a job with Partners in Pregnancy.  I’m very excited to be living in the country again and working with this wonderful clinic. Working with moms and babies has been a passion of mine since graduation, I’m very excited to share my knowledge and to learn from the patients I will be meeting in Peterborough. 

Shannon McKinnon she/her/hers

Shannon McKinnon.JPG

Registered Nurse, RN, BA, BN, PNC(C)

After graduating from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Arts (Conc. Visual Arts) in 2005, I decided to switch gears and moved to Calgary to pursue a degree in nursing. I graduated from the Bachelor of Nursing (Accelerated Track) Nursing program in 2008 and immediately began a career caring for Mums & Babies. I have worked in multiple hospitals over the years as a Labour & Delivery/Antenatal nurse, both in high and low risk centres, including Calgary’s Foothills, Peter Lougheed, and Rockyview Hospitals, Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital and Peterborough’s own PRHC. I have also worked as a Perinatal Nurse for the Calgary Maternal Fetal Medicine clinic, and am a Certified Perinatal Nurse through the Canadian Nurses Association. I feel so privileged to be able to support women and families as they bring their babies into the world, and all of my nursing experience has afforded me the opportunity to join the incredible team at PIPC, where I have been since 2014.

Laura Koekkoek she/her/hers

Laura Koekkoek 5987 - modified.JPG

Social Worker, BSW, RSW 

In 2005, I graduated from McMaster University where I completed my undergraduate degree in Sociology and Gerontology and went on to complete my Bachelor of Social Work. After finishing my degree from McMaster University I moved back to my home town of Peterborough and started my career in Child Welfare.  Following this experience I worked as a Social Worker for 7 years with the PVNC Catholic District School Board. 

During this time I also volunteered at Hospice Peterborough co facilitating the children's grief support groups.  I am a Registered Social Worker and I am so happy to be a part of this collaborative support team and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Tracy Condon she/her/hers

Tracy Condon - 5961 - modified keep 1.JP

Social Worker, MSW

I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology at Trent University. When I finished at Trent, I moved to Toronto to complete my Masters in Social Work at the University of Toronto. It was while completing a placement at St. Michael’s Women’s Health Care Centre that I discovered my passion for working with women especially during the prenatal and postpartum periods. After finishing my degree at U of T, I returned to Peterborough and began to work in child welfare. Following this experience, I worked as a Social Worker at the PVNC Catholic School Board and briefly as a counsellor at Fleming College. When the Partners in Pregnancy Clinic posted a Social Work position, I knew it would be my dream job. I’ve been working here since it opened in July 2008 and love 

working with this team in such an exciting work setting.

Laura Griffin she/her/hers


Registered Nurse, RN, BscN

I am ....

Catherine Beresford she/her/hers


Registered Nurse, RN, BscN

I am ....

Lactation Consultants
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