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Jen Gullekson she/her/hers

Jenn Gullekson.JPG

Clinical Medical Secretary

I have been a part-time secretary at Partners in Pregnancy Clinic since January 2009. Before then I had a broad range of duties in an addictions treatment clinic. At PIPC I will be taking and directing your telephone calls. At the front desk or over the 

phone I can answer general questions about the clinic and 

book your appointments with one of the doctors or the 

members of the allied support staff. 


My other duties include scanning, faxing, copying and booking other 

appointments on behalf of the patients such as ultrasounds. I am enjoying 

the change in scenery at PIPC. I like that all the staff is there to help every 

patient and their family have a happy and healthy pregnancy.

Belen Ong she/her/they


Physician Assistant, BSc, CCPA

I graduated from University of Toronto's Inaugural Physician Assistant Program in 2012 and began my career in family medicine and longterm care in Lakefield. I have always been drawn to obstetrics and gynaecology. Working as a primary care provider allowed me to establish a good foundation in women's health and reinforce my interests in the specialty.  I joined PIPC in 2014. I am proud to be part of this highly diverse, knowledgable and dedicated team. 


As a Physician Assistant, I work closely with the physicians and allied health team in the management and care of the women in all stages of the pregnancy including postpartum care and newborn baby checks.   I hope to help continue to make the experience as pleasant and memorable as possible for the families at PIPC.

Tsering Sundup she/her

Tseriy Suduy 6001 - modified.JPG

Clinic Coordinator, RN, BScN, IBCLC, PNC(C)

 I graduated from the University of Ottawa in 2002 and began my nursing career in Women's Health at the Ottawa Hospital. There, I gained knowledge and experience caring for high-risk antepartum, postpartum and gynecological patients. Over the last year (2013-14) I have done extensive studying and extra clinical practice to enable me to qualify as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, (IBCLC). I am excited to be able to use this additional knowledge with the families at PIPC!

Clarissa Adams-Lanzo she/her/hers

Clarissa Lanzo 6013 - modified.JPG

Registered Nurse, RN, BScN, IBCLC

I graduated from Ryerson University in 2001.  I worked in high risk antenatal and postpartum as well as the high risk maternal clinic at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto for over 15 years.  My family decided to move further from the city to raise our children in the country, which was made possible by finding a job with Partners in Pregnancy.  I’m very excited to be living in the country again and working with this wonderful clinic. Working with moms and babies has been a passion of mine since graduation, I’m very excited to share my knowledge and to learn from the patients I will be meeting in Peterborough. 

Shannon McKinnon she/her/hers

Shannon McKinnon.JPG

Registered Nurse, RN, BA, BN, PNC(C)

After graduating from the University of Ottawa with a Bachelor of Arts (Conc. Visual Arts) in 2005, I decided to switch gears and moved to Calgary to pursue a degree in nursing. I graduated from the Bachelor of Nursing (Accelerated Track) Nursing program in 2008 and immediately began a career caring for Mums & Babies. I have worked in multiple hospitals over the years as a Labour & Delivery/Antenatal nurse, both in high and low risk centres, including Calgary’s Foothills, Peter Lougheed, and Rockyview Hospitals, Toronto’s Mount Sinai Hospital and Peterborough’s own PRHC. I have also worked as a Perinatal Nurse for the Calgary Maternal Fetal Medicine clinic, and am a Certified Perinatal Nurse through the Canadian Nurses Association. I feel so privileged to be able to support women and families as they bring their babies into the world, and all of my nursing experience has afforded me the opportunity to join the incredible team at PIPC, where I have been since 2014.

Kim Condon she/her/hers

Kim Condon.JPG

Registered Nurse, RN

After graduating from the Registered Nursing Program at Loyalist College in 1984, I began my career working full time at Campbellford Memorial Hospital, in the area I quickly knew was my passion. The small, one nurse Labour and Delivery and Maternity unit was a great place to quickly learn basic labour support, delivery, mom and baby postpartum care and 

breast feeding support.

After five years , moving on to a higher risk Labour and Delivery unit at Peterborough Civic Hospital  as well as raising four children of my own, has expanded my education, experience and ability to care for and assist new families.  Switching to job sharing after fifteen years enabled me to also teach prenatal classes.

I  began working part time  at Partners in Pregnancy three months after its opening in 2008 and continue to work both as one of the charge nurses in Labour and Delivery as well as in this unique and amazing clinic . I thoroughly enjoy meeting new families and sharing my experience and knowledge throughout their pregnancy.  It is also an added bonus if I am fortunate enough to be part of their birth experience at PRHC.  As grandchildren are beginning to add to my family, I am able to offer another wonderful and valuable prospective for family-centred care .

Barb Powers she/her/hers

Barb Powers.JPG

Registered Nurse, RN, BscN

Nursing is a unique career that has led me down several different paths. As a new grad I became passionate about obstetrical nursing and worked in Labour and Delivery for 28 years supporting new families at an exciting time in their lives. As my family grew older I did a Post Grad OR course and moved on to OR nursing. Endoscopy nursing followed and I had the privilege of working at the Endoscopy Centre with the late  Dr Andrew Chan. I feel very fortunate in my varied nursing career , but happy to be back to my original love of obstetrical care while working with the amazing professionals at PIPC!

Tracy Condon she/her/hers

Tracy Condon - 5961 - modified keep 1.JP

Social Worker, MSW

I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology and Sociology at Trent University. When I finished at Trent, I moved to Toronto to complete my Masters in Social Work at the University of Toronto. It was while completing a placement at St. Michael’s Women’s Health Care Centre that I discovered my passion for working with women especially during the prenatal and postpartum periods. After finishing my degree at U of T, I returned to Peterborough and began to work in child welfare. Following this experience, I worked as a Social Worker at the PVNC Catholic School Board and briefly as a counsellor at Fleming College. When the Partners in Pregnancy Clinic posted a Social Work position, I knew it would be my dream job. I’ve been working here since it opened in July 2008 and love 

working with this team in such an exciting work setting.

Laura Koekkoek she/her/hers

Laura Koekkoek 5987 - modified.JPG

Social Worker, BSW, RSW 

In 2005, I graduated from McMaster University where I completed my undergraduate degree in Sociology and Gerontology and went on to complete my Bachelor of Social Work. After finishing my degree from McMaster University I moved back to my home town of Peterborough and started my career in Child Welfare.  Following this experience I worked as a Social Worker for 7 years with the PVNC Catholic District School Board. 

During this time I also volunteered at Hospice Peterborough co facilitating the children's grief support groups.  I am a Registered Social Worker and I am so happy to be a part of this collaborative support team and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

Krystal LeBreton she/they

Krystal LeBrehan 6186 - modified.JPG

Registered Dietitian, MHSc, RD, CDE

I graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2004 and graduated from a Masters of Health Science from University of Toronto in 2007. I have worked in public health, long term care and community health. I am a certified diabetes educator 

and TEACH certified smoking cessation counselor. I value good 

communication with patients and I practice with compassion 

and non-judgment.  I understand and respect the many 

challenges people face in making food decisions. I hope to support 

people and families in developing and achieving their own nutrition and 

lifestyle goals. 

Deb Post she/her/hers


Clinical Accountant

In 1997, I graduated from the Medical Office Administration program at Sir Sanford Fleming College. At the start of my career I had the pleasure of working in a Family Practice/Obstetrical office with Doctors Gow, Boyce and Post. This continued for 8.5 years. A Thoracic Surgeon support position furthered my medical experience for the next year and a half. During that time, I held a part time position at PRHC in the finance department. I then took a permanent clerical position in the ICU at the hospital. I have worked at PRHC now for 5 years. 


The chance to work alongside the Doctors and staff at the Partners in Pregnancy Clinic arose in September 2013. I immediately applied because I have always enjoyed the obstetrical side of medicine. I find OHIP billing both challenging and rewarding at the same time. I am thrilled to be a part of the PIPC team!

Lactation Consultants
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