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We provide prenatal care throughout the entirety of your pregnancy. You can self-refer or be referred by your primary care provider at any time although we appreciate meeting you before 24 weeks.  


Routine prenatal appointments occur every 4 weeks for the first 28 weeks of pregnancy, every 2 weeks from 28-36 weeks and weekly from 36 weeks on.  We follow up do date guidelines and will organize all of your blood work and ultrasounds. These will be reviewed with you at your next appointment. We will strive to answer all of your questions and help you make important decisions about your pregnancy care and the birth of your child. 


Our prenatal care also extends to the Labour and Delivery unit. Should something of an urgent nature arise after 20 weeks gestation our doctor on call can assess you on the Labour and Delivery ward at PRHC. 


Depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy, your appointments will generally follow this plan.

1st Trimester

Your health in the first trimester until 13 weeks. Appointments will 

be every four weeks until 28 weeks.

2nd Trimester

Your health in the second trimester from 13 to 28 weeks. Discussion topics may include infant feeding and breastfeeding questions, healthy activity and eating, fetal movements, vaccinations available in pregnancy.

3rd Trimester

Appointments are every two weeks, then weekly from 36 weeks. Contact us or go to the hospital if you have regular contractions, vaginal bleeding, signs that your water broke, or if your baby is not moving as much.

Birth & Beyond

After you have your baby, call us to book a visit at PIPC for you and your baby.

Trusted Resource for Pregnancy and Newborn from BORN Ontario funded by eHealth Ontario

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