What to Do When You are in Labour


You need to be seen before 36 weeks if:

  • your water breaks; it may be a large gush, but may also be a small leak tht keeps recurring OR

  • you are bleeding from your vagina OR

  • you have abdominal pain or on-going cramping, especially with a pattern of increasing strength or regular pattern

You need to be seen after 36 weeks if:

  • your water breaks; it may be a large gush but may also be a small leak that keeps reucrring OR

  • you have contractions that are  5 minutes apart (10 minutes if this is not your first delivery) and so strong that you cannot talk through them easily (they may last approximately one minute long by that point).  If they are not that strong, you should try to relax, sleep or have a warm bath OR

  • you have bright red bleeding or are bleeding more than normal "show" ("show" is usually spotting or bloody mucous that may come before or with labour. Excessive bleeding is like a period or more. 

During our business hours (9am-4:30pm Mon-Thurs, 9am-12pm Fridays)  

please call Partners in Pregnancy: 705-941-1191 for advice.

In the evening and at night (after 4:30pm Mon-Thurs, or after 12pm Fridays), call or go to Labour & Delivery: 705-876-5036.

If you are uncertain of what to do at night, the labour & delivery staff will give you advice and always know how to reach one of the PIPC doctors 24/7, if necessary.

Directions to PRHC: 

W6 Maternity /A6 Newborn Care

Enter PRHC through the Emergency Department and register at the Maternity Registration desk.  You will be escorted to the nearest elevators; go up to the 6th floor and you will be right  at the entrace of Labour & Delivery. You must use the buzzer at the door.


[PRHC map to L&D]

What to Bring to the Hospital:

  • soap, shampoo, and other personal items

  • maxi pads, newborn diapers (you will recieve a starter pack with these items)

  • bathrobe, slippers, own pajamas (if you wish)

  • leave your valuables at home!

Visiting Hours:​

  • visiting hours are 24 hours

  • in case of a Cesarean section, only 1 support person may come in the OR