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P R E N A T A L  C L A S S E S


Online Prenatal Education

Episode #3:  All Things Nutrition.

Join PIPC’s Registered Dietitian for a group conversation about nutrition and wellness in pregnancy and the postpartum period. This will be an informal chance to ask questions, learn from and share with others your food and nutrition questions, concerns and strengths. We hope you will leave the talk feeling empowered that you know what is best for you and baby! Topics will include but are not limited to: Managing Expectations, First Trimester/ Supplements in Pregnancy, Physical Activity, Weight Management/ Body Image, Dieting Trends/ Intuitive Eating, Normalizing Gestational Diabetes and Myths & Facts/ Common Questions.


Date: Tuesday June 22, 2021

Time: 10:00 to 11:30am

Format: Virtual Zoom

Fee: Free (Must be a current patient at PIPC)


Facilitated by PIPC Dietitian: Krystal LeBreton


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